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The Marla Hunter Foundation has partnered with the American Cancer Society and the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America to raise money for research. We believe that with continued research, a cure will be found. Please consider helping us along the way. There are many ways you can support the fight to find a cure.

Cash Donations
You can use a major credit card via PayPal and donate to the Marla Hunter Foundation directly online through our secure interface. If you would rather donate via check, please make checks payable to The Marla Hunter Foundation and send to us at:

The Marla Hunter Foundation
3826 Wild Cherry Way
Mason, OH 45040

Attend Our Events
At various times we have special fundraising events to build awareness and raise money for cancer research. See our events page for any upcoming events.

Donate Goods and Services
You or your company can donate goods, gift cards, services and the like to the Marla Hunter Foundation for use as prizes for one of event activites. This is an excellent way for you or your company to give back to the community while showing your support for cancer research. Please contact us if you'd like to donate an item for an upcoming or future event.

All donations are tax deductible! 
We are currently awaiting approval from the IRS on our application for 501(c)(3) status. EIN number 46-3111520 can be utilized.

Our Online Supporters This Year

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Our Online Supporters in 2013

Name Amount Name Amount
leeann marinkovich 300.00   paula slipke 100.00
Rebecca Lubitz 50.00   Karen Laureti 50.00
Colleen Kazmierski 50.00   David & Anh Palmer 100.00
Sharon Otto 50.00   Jordan Cohen 100.00
Emily Smith 50.00   jason beam 25.00
Patricia Lovinger 50.00   Jennifer Murphy 25.00
Alena LaBella 50.00   Marc Stridde 50.00
Mark HuYoung 100.00   Tom Carroll 200.00
Christel A Brown 50.00   Heather&Tyler LeLoup 100.00
Bob Sellers & Family 200.00   Tom Carroll 300.00
Melonia da Gama 50.00   Tim Field 75.00
Marcus Kosiba 50.00   Cynthia Hilliard 100.00
Jeremy Gross 25.00   Amit Ram 100.00
Antoine Demosthenes 100.00   David Spradling 40.00
James Andrychuk 50.00   merav segev 1000.00
Joe Miller 50.00   Betina Wiese 100.00
Bryan Lucas 50.00   Mauricio Patino 100.00
Denise Izor 50.00   Thomas Poehailos 100.00
Julie Severance 25.00   R Nicholas Galullo 50.00
Julie Severance 100.00   Donald Leith 50.00
Gloria Barnes 100.00   Heather Nagel 50.00
Beverly Baum 100.00   anirban bhattacharyya 100.00
Shelley Britanik 30.00   Michelle Daniels 50.00
SCOTT HERBERT 50.00   paula slipke 100.00
Cristin Gildow 50.00   NATHAN GUARD 100.00
Kim Hilliard 50.00   Nick Kotsonis 50.00
Mindi Ries 100.00   Miriam Gilkinson 100.00
Jason Habecker 25.00   Kathy Lally-Corich 50.00

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